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The on-line recruitment site I have chosen is www.monster.co.uk. It is really user friendly and accessible site, with a clear layout even for those who have never used this kind of website before. Monster site offers personal insight into jobs we are interested in. The layout allows searching for the job by specialising the industry and specific job role they are looking for. It is really helpful option due to the fact we are targeted at the desire post.
Monster website allows people to create a perfect CV, there are also some examples and advices how to improve the CV or the Cover letter. There is also an option for the Advanced
Job Search where we can specify in detail desire by typing Location, Company, Industry, Category (e.g. Accounting/Finance), Job Type, Career Level and Education Level. Next it is showing a list of jobs for seeking area. We can also stay connected to the latest jobs, events and career advice from Monster by adding this page to favourites on for example on Facebook or Twitter.
Not only is it a page to look for some jobs but also the forum where people can discuss job issues.
Monster site contains also big variety of articles on the such topic as Career Development, Job Interview or Workforce.

Merseyside Fire Service’s recruitment campaign is the one which has recently interested me. Merseyside Fire Service is the statutory fire and rescue service covering the county of Merseyside in north-west England and is the statutory fire fighting and rescue service responsible for all 999 fire brigade calls in SeftonKnowsleySt. HelensLiverpool and Wirral. They were trying to recruit more ethnic minority and female fire-fighters. To achieve the goal Merseyside inter alia hold awareness days to give people an idea of the entry standards needed. They also advertised vacancies through agencies who specialise in attracting women and ethnic minorities. Their performance turned out to be successful due to the fact they noticed 100% increase in workforce representation of both groups. Moreover, three females and six from minority groups initially started job.

I feel that this recruitment campaign caught my interest because the stereotype for a fire fighter is a man and organisation was predominantly aiming at women and ethnic minority. Secondly I liked also the fact that Merseyside is one of the few organisations drawing attention to the issue of equal opportunities and diversity management at work.

There are many advantages and drawbacks of online recruitment, these most important ones are:
*      it is less stressful way of applying for the job for applicants, as they do not have face to face contact with an employer
*      the recruitment process is available for people 24/7
*      extremely quick process to go through
*      easy to access for all willing to find a job
*      low cost for the organisation

*      too many candidates for one vacancy
*      not everyone might have access to the Internet
*      sometimes some technical problems can occur (error)
*      negative aspect for the company because they cannot see who actually is filling the application, sometimes people can provide untrue information just to get the job
*      the elderly are often disqualified due to having difficulties to fill the online application while they could turn out to be experienced and reliable workers

To conclude recruitment is known as all activities directed towards locating potential employees. Employers by recruitment want to obtain a pool of suitable candidates for the post. As a process it is a major cost for the organisations but they have to take part in it to be seen as using fair procedure.

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