Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Employee Participation and Involvement

Employees participation is a legally supported means given to employees and providing them with having their say in decision-making  which may affect an employment status, whereas employee involvement copes with encouraging employees by managers to commit them to organisational values, which include: financial participation, quality improvement, sharing information and  consultation.

Those are three examples of how organisation can involve employees in decision-making:
·         To get employees involved in decisions , employees discuss and then put  views to the management through a representative. They can also use suggestion letters and employees to make recommendations on the issue.
·         Some companies make a decision to give a small shares packages. It makes staff to feel more involved part in decision making in the organisation.
·         Second  example of getting employees concerned about decision-making is for instance when universities carry out surveys to staff and students to help make decisions in the future.

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Employee Participation and Involvement

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