Monday, January 24, 2011

Enterprise week

Enterprise week
            During the enterprise week I attended an event Ella’s Kitchen which took place in our Bucks University. Ella’s kitchen is a name of the company which founder is Paul Lindley, Ella’s dad. The company is producing and selling innovative healthy food for children. It is new company which is developing all the time with new products.
            It all started when MR Lindley wanted to give his daughter and her generation the opportunity to both eat wholesome foods  and enjoy the food while eating. He found his target and wanted realize it using his past career experiences. In the past he worked as a chartered accountant at KPMG, next in the managing Nikelodeon. KPMG helped him in understanding costs and the finances in the company and Nikelodeon in understanding what children want as well as monitoring how they react to specific environments. Ella’s kitchen won an award for Best food and drink brand of the year. He didn’t expect but that confirmed him that his work is bringing good results. The business now sells about 100 000 units per day.
The presentation was very intresting. It showed me an insight into what is happening in the company like this one. To set up own company and make a profit we need good idea, a lot of many, experience and luck.


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